To meet the rapidly increasing demand for digital payment solutions, is pleased to introduce a digital payment platform tailored for insurers and MGAs. While is a new name, the core systems and team have been in the insurance industry for more than two decades. Spun from insurance software pioneer, Silvervine Software, leverages the same forward-thinking digital payment technology combined with a dedicated payment focus. offers a complete suite of modern payment solutions, each providing a secure, convenient and intuitive customer experience. Its efficient digital payment offerings enable insurers to receive payments as well as initiate a variety of outbound payments to insureds, claimants, vendors and others. facilitates premium payments online and over the phone. Ultra secure and ever-reliable, the company notably recorded 99.99% uptime in 2020 and the previous five years.

“We’re pleased to formally launch and further elevate our digital payment offerings,” said Timothy Cunningham, director of payments for With more than 20 years of product and software development in the insurance industry, Cunningham leads several new product developments that will be deploying in the coming weeks. “Our entire team is experienced with the insurance industry, so we are able to assist our existing and new customers with ease. Our familiarity with insurance operations, structuring and digital payment requirements allow us to rapidly support customers, capitalize on new digital payment opportunities and grow within the industry.”

“We are excited to introduce, which provides customers with an expert team dedicated to digital payment innovation, superior customer support and highly competitive rates,” said Shurre Hampton general manager for Silvervine. “With, Silvervine can focus solely on developing cutting edge insurance software to fulfill the expanding needs of the insurance industry. Best of all, Silvervine customers will benefit from the products and services provided by the all-star team.”