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Sending and receiving payments shouldn’t be cumbersome. It shouldn’t eat up valuable time or other resources, either. With our variety of modern payment solutions, you can provide fast, easy options that satisfy your insureds’ preferred payment channels.

Online Payments

Online Payments

Insurers and MGAs of all sizes can accept fast and easy online payments while solving common pain points in the process.

  • Your policyholders expect convenient payment options.
    Online payments make billing and collections seamless and boost customer satisfaction.
  • You need payments that are secure.
    We offer online payment gateways that are 100% PCI DSS compliant. Also, because the credit card information stays in our secure system without being transmitted to your servers, compliance and security concerns are reduced.
  • You need to control costs.
    Online payments can be a cost-effective option. You can even generate revenue by passing the digital payment cost on to the insured.
IVR Payments

IVR Payments

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are ideally suited for routine payment collection.

  • You need pay-by-phone options – without the wait.
    IVR systems streamline call center operations and make payment by phone fast and convenient.
  • You need to offer payment options when it’s convenient for your customer, beyond standard business hours
    IVR systems can take payments 24/7. SMS options to pay by text are also available for another convenient self-service option.
  • You need to serve customers in different languages.
    With IVR payment systems, it’s easy to offer multilingual options to appeal to speakers of various languages.
Claims Disbursement Suite

Messenger by payCloud.io

Send policyholders messages via phone, text, e-mail or interactive voice response (IVR). With an easy-to-use platform and useful dashboard, payCloud.io Messenger allows you to communicate with your policyholders with ease. 

  • Policyholders respond to payment reminders and policy updates but I need an easy-to-use platform

    Messenger makes it convenient and easy to send messages to insureds with preprogrammed, customized messages that are sent when specific triggers are met. Messages can drive recipients to multiple digital payment platforms or requested next steps to drive efficiency and close the gap. 

  • You’re looking for a solution to integrate into your existing policy admin system
    Fully configurable, payCloud.io messenger can be integrated into any policy administration system. Best of all, our Customer Support Team handles all the heavy lifting. We can have you live in 30 days or less.
  • You need the ability to track messages and associated Messenger traffic
    We provide a comprehensive dashboard that allows the insurer to analyze messages and next steps. The payCloud.io Messenger tool is intuitive and straightforward. 
Claims Disbursement Suite

Claims Payment Suite

Payment delays can frustrate claimants, but new payment options can speed things up.

  • Your policyholders don’t like dealing with paper checks.
    Paper checks can be slow and depositing them can be a hassle. There are new payment options, including ACH and direct deposit. You can let your policyholder choose the payment method they prefer. A win-win for everyone, both of these options offer a faster, more efficient payment process for the insurer.
  • Your policyholders want their claim payouts ASAP.
    New claims options can be much faster than checks. Settle claims in minutes, not days.
  • You need to streamline overhead.
    We offer cost effective options for digital payment solutions. The fraud protection will also help you maintain control of costs.
Claims Disbursement Suite


  • Your policyholders don’t want the hassle of keeping up with a login and password.
    This web-based portal allows insureds to make payments with just a policy number and zip code, satisfying timely payments and policy retention
  • You need an easy to use and quick payment tool that will entice policyholders to act and make an expedient payment, or risk losing the policy.
    Payments can be made in as fast as one minute, with the opportunity for the user to set up recurring payments. There’s no account to create, preferences to set up or passwords to remember.
  • You need an easy online payment option for insureds but you don’t want to worry about the backend security requirements that come with card and banking information.
    No problem! payNow is secure and PCI compliant. Accepting a variety of payment methods including card and ACH, once the payment is completed, a receipt is automatically generated. With this payment portal, the only data that is retained going forward is the receipt — the payment method is eliminated, further enhancing security.
Claims Disbursement Suite

e-Sign by payCloud.io

Electronic signatures empower your team with fast and intuitive e-signature capabilities to accelerate the speed of business.

  • Your policyholders want to quickly and easily approve their policy and any changes.
    Users will find the signing experience seamless with a guided signing process, the option of a typed or hand-scribed signature and real-time status visibility.
  • You’re looking for an affordable electronic signature option with easy integration and unlimited storage capacity.
    We offer the industry’s most competitive pricing with 30-day or less integration time and unlike other systems, we do not charge for storage capacity.
  • Your company can be more complex and you’re looking for a customizable option with robust security.
    Yes! e-Sign by payCloud.io allows you to customize workflows and provides alert notifications, real-time status visibility and a full audit trail. We’ve woven industry-leading security features, such as blockchain technology, along with emerging technology to provide the highest level of security and auditability.