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Yes, digital payments can be slick … but only if they make life easier for you and your policyholders. With payCloud’s simple and transformative solutions, you’ll feel like the weight (and the wait) have been lifted! Request a demo to learn more.



I want to receive premium payments online.

With our payment embed form, you can place a snippet of code on any web page to facilitate secure online payments.
I want to accept payments via phone and text.
Our Integrated Voice Response (IVR) and SMS ayment service allows you customer to pay you and check their accounts from their smartphone.
I want to facilitate recurring payments.
Our payment platform allows policyholders to enroll in recurring payments and manage them online.
I want to provide policyholders with self-service policy options.
Empower your policyholders check their account and make payments with our white-labeled payment portal.
In accounting, we need to easily reconcile deposits, payments, credit, refunds and chargeback.

In your portal, and through daily reports, you can see every transaction along with the associated policy information.

I want to limit my company’s level of PCI exposure and risk.
Our solutions are hosted in our own PCI environment that is hardened and reviewed regularly by a third party auditor. Our solutions greatly reduce your PCI compliance requirements and data risk.

I want to use digital payment methods to pay claims and vendors.

In the near future, we will offer outbound digital payments to a debit card issued to claimants and vendors. You can also issue one-time temporary credit card numbers to fund a claimant or vendor.

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